• Console

    Neve 8038 40 x 24 x 4 w/40 1073 eq’s

  • Tape Machines

    Pro Tools HDX w/ Apollo UAD-2 card & Big Ben Clock

    Ampex MM1200 24 track 2" w/ 16 track headstack

    Studer/Revox 2 track 1/4"

    Alesis ML-9600 Masterlink w/ Apogee Rosetta 200 converter

    misc. odd 2 tracks & tape recorders

  • Monitors

    Tannoy Super Golds w/ mastering lab crossovers

    Yamaha NS10’s

    Urei 809’s

    Genelec 7050B Subwoofer

  • Poweramps


    Yamaha P2200

  • Microphones

    Tube Microphones

    (2) Vintage Neumann U47's (Matched Pair)

    Sheffield Labs C12 Clone

    Wunder Audio CM7

    Blue Bottle w/ B6 & B7 capsules and B2, B4 pairs

    Rode NTK

    Ribbon Microphones

    AEA R84

    (2) Royer R-121

    Coles 4038

    Other Microphones

    AKG 414

    (2) Neumann U87 (one w/Stephen Paul mod)

    (2) AKG 460B w/CK 63 & CK 1 capsules

    AKG D112

    AKG D1000e

    Blue Baby Bottle

    Blue Mouse

    (2) Blue Type B red body

    Cascade M20

    (3) Sennheiser 421

    Shure Beta 58

    Shure SM7B

    (6) Shure S57s

    Shure SM59

    Nakamichi CM300

    Electrovoice EV 718

    Webster Chicago MM-35

    (8) misc. contact mics

    and various old tape recorder mics

  • D.I.'s

    BSS Audio AR-133


    Jensen Passive

    Little Labs IBP

    Sans Amp Bass Driver

    Whirlwind EDB1

  • External Preamps

    (2) Brent Averill Neve 1272 w/ DI

    (2) JFL Audio MP F4 tube

    (4) Lucas mic pre

    (4) JFL MP F6

    (2) JFL MP F6E pre/limiter/eq

  • Compressors

    Tube Compressors

    Fairchild 660

    (2) UA 175-B

    JFL Audio CL F5

    (2) Lucas limiting amplifier

    Drawmer 1960 stereo

    Solid State Compressors

    Brent Averill Neve 2254/E stereo

    Urei 1176 LN

    (3) DBX 160X

    (2) Distressor EL8-X

    JFL Audio CL 4v3 stereo

    JFL Audio CL defii

    Presonus Bluemax

    Audioarts 1201

  • Equalizers

    Tube Equalizers

    JFL Audio EQ F8

    (2) Lucas Equaliser

    Summit Audio dual program equalizer

    Solid State Equalizers

    JFL Audio EQ Q83

    JFL Audio EQ Q84

    Moog 3 Band Parametric EQ

    Audioarts 4100 Para EQ preamp

  • Effects

    Korg Effects

    (2) SDD-3000 digital delay

    SDD-2000 sampling digital delay

    Roland Effects

    RE-201 space echo

    SBF-325 stereo flanger

    Yamaha Effects

    REV-7 reverb


    SPX90 ii

    E1010 analog delay

    Other Effects

    (2) Alesis microverb ii

    Alesis quadraverb

    Antares auto-tune atr-1

    Delta Labs Effectron ii

    Drawmer DS 201 dual noise gate

    Dynacord CLS 222 Leslie Simulator

    Eventide H3000 Ultra Harmonizer

    Fairchild Reverbertron ll Model 659

    Ibanez HB1000 Harmonizer

    JFL Audio DH SAH envelope follower

    Lexicon PCM 70

    TC Electronics TC 2290 digital delay

    Sansui RA-500

  • Keyboards

    Fender Rhodes Suitcase 73

    Hammond B-4

    Korg Poly-800

    Korg Microkorg XL

    Moog Minitaur

    Nord Wave

    Roland Super JV-1080

    Roland Super Jupiter

    Sequential Circuits Pro-One

    70’s Wurlitzer Model 200 electric piano

    Wurlitzer upright piano

    Wurlitzer organ

  • Samplers & Drum Machines

    Akai MPC Renaissance

    Linn drum

    Roland TR-606 Drumatix

    Alesis SR-16 drum machine

    Simmons clap-trap

    Midiman Oxygen 8 v2

    Mixman DM2 digital music mixer

    Roger Linn Adrenalinn

    Boss Dr. Beat

    Akai S1000

  • Guitars

    (2) 80’s Valley Arts custom strats

    ’66 Gibson ES-335

    ’66 Gibson Hummingbird acoustic

    70’s Fender Stratocaster

    ’56 Fender P-Bass reissue

    ’61 Gibson ES-125

    ’79 Guild D-50

    Danelectro baritone

    Hagstrom “The Glass Slipper”

    ’82 Yamaha acoustic

    Kingston nylon string

    Alverez FD60 AMB acoustic

    Tradition MTA 4004

  • Amplifiers

    Vox Amplifiers

    60's AC30 2x12

    60's AC15 2x12

    Fender Amplifiers

    Blackface Deluxe

    Brown Tolex Pro

    Rivera Super-Champ

    Ampeg Amplifiers

    B-15 Fliptop

    Gemini VL



    Rocket 2

    Other Amplifiers

    Dumble 50W head w/1 x 12" cabinet

    Matchless S/C-30

    Gibson Tweed Explorer

    GK MBE bass amp

    Groove Tubes tube direct amp

    Peavey Backstage Plus

    (2) Wurlitzer Leslie cabinets

    Dean Markley mini-amp

    Marshall mini amp

    Zeus mini amp

  • Drums

    60’s Gretsch 4-piece round badge w/ dw hardware:

    24" kick

    16" floor tom

    14" rack tom

    16" rack tom


    14" 30's Ludwig Pioneer

    14" 60's Ludwig

    14” Ludwig Black Beauty

    14" No Name

    and a bunch of percussion stuff

  • Misc

    Jenco vibraphone

    Francini Concertina

    Bogen Challenger

    (7) Hohner harmonicas

    & a Nintendo Gameboy

  • Effect Pedals

    Boss Effects Pedals

    Compression/Sustainer CS-1

    Heavy Metal HM-2

    Phaser PH-1

    Chorus Ensemble CE-1

    Electro-Harmonix Effects Pedals

    Bass Microsynthesizer

    Big Muff

    Clone Theory

    Deluxe Electric Mistress

    Deluxe Memory Man

    Voice Box


    Talk Box

    Ibanez Effects Pedals

    Stereo Chorus

    Tubescreamer TS 808

    UE400 Multi-Effect

    MXR Effects Pedals

    Distortion +

    (2) Dyna-Comp

    Noise Gate/Line Driver

    Other Effects Pedals

    Digitech Whammy Pedal

    Zvex Machine Pedal

    Dunlop Crybaby Wah Pedal

    Dunlop Tremolo

    SIB Echodrive


    Ernie Ball Volume Pedal

    Fender Volume Pedal

    Goodrich Volume Pedal

    Mutron Bi-Phase

    Pearl Octaver

    (2) Pro Co Rat Distortion

    (2) Rivera Buf V Buffer Amp


    Roger Mayer Mongoose

    TC Electronics Dual Parametric EQ

  • Headphones

    (6) Audio-Technica ATH-M50X

    (5) MDR-V600

    (4) Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

    AKG K270

    Audio Technica ATH-M30

    Audio Technica ATH-M40FS

    cue system:

    (5) JFL Audio Studio cue system w/ hafler power amps

  • Editing Suite/Writing Studio

    UA Apollo Quad

    Crane Song Avocet


    Yamaha NS10’s